Vegan cocktail bar & drinks

Regional drinking culture meets modern bar craftsmanship. Come along and let our bar team around Jannick Stillger spoil you with delicious vegan cocktails and maybe even surprise you a little.

We also live our idea of sustainability and regionality at the bar. Be it gin from Berlin or whiskey from the Spreewald. Holistic product processing is the focus of our work. The Kopp’s cocktail menu, which is completely free of animal products, includes a variety of creative and delicious cocktails mixed with high-quality ingredients. The entire cherry tree from fruit to bark in a glass, a cocktail that tastes of the forest and only uses products from the region? These are precisely the creations that our bar team has developed for you in order to provide a holistic, sustainable world of ideas for drinks in addition to the culinary experience.

Vegan drink accompaniment

Vegan drinks to accompany your meal

A special meal also deserves a special beverage accompaniment. We serve matching drinks with each course, which we have specially matched to the food and which enhance the flavor of the menu. We think that the selected vegan drinks even improve the menus.
In addition to wine and sparkling wine, we also offer very special cocktail creations.
Naturally, we serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with every course.


Have you ever asked yourself: “What do I actually like to drink? What are my favorite flavors in drinks? Would you prefer the drink to be sweet or sour? Under the guidance of bar manager Jannick Stillger, you will not only get to know your favorite drink, but also learn how to prepare it yourself. During the tasting, we provide you with all the important information about your favorite drink and explain the individual components and the interaction of the ingredients.


We regularly invite producers and winemakers to Kopps Berlin to give you an insight into the diversity of their products in a relaxed atmosphere and with suitable food accompaniment. Our bar team also organizes tastings on various themes. Let us guide you through the world of gin, whiskey or mezcal, for example, and taste new products, classics and extravagant drinks together with us.


Vegan drink accompaniment

Kopps Berlin Barchef

Jannick Stillger

Kopps Berlin Vegan Cocktail
Kopps Berlin Vegan Cocktail
Kopps Berlin Vegan Cocktail